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A Return



Passion For Nature

Organic Cosmetics


Passion For Nature

Organic Cosmetics


Certified Organic Cosmetics

100% natural

Our organic cosmetic products are endorsed by the OIA: “The Natural Cosmetics and Organic Cosmetics Certification Program guarantees that the origin of the ingredients used in cosmetic products are really natural and / or organic. That is, they are inputs obtained of a sustainable production system, through the rational use of natural resources. ”

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Organic and Holistic Cosmetics

Taking care of your skin

Al Bosque brings you holistic cosmetics, committed to our care and well-being, based on the abundance and balance that nature provides us, recognizing that how we feel is directly related to how we see ourselves.

National and organic raw material

Exportation quality

The skin is a strong, receptive and sensitive organ. To take care of it, we suggest you enter into communion with the herbal beings present in our preparations. All from local suppliers from different parts of our country, Argentina.

Shipping all over the country

Choose your shipping method: free pickup, courier, door-to-door mail, or branch pickup.

Payment methods

Choose your payment method: all Mercado Pago options (cards and cash), bank transfer, cash on delivery. Safe shopping.

Positive environmental impact

Without experimentation on animals. Non-comedogenic. Without mineral oils or silicones. Free of genetically modified organisms.

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