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We are Cande and Lu, creators of Al Bosque, a project that was born from friendship and love of nature. We begin by hand making different herbal preparations, always in search of noble plants and materials, care, where nature offers its medicine in abundance. Along the way we were growing in the feeling of what the medicinal herbs propose, they are presented to us to heal us, you just have to open your heart and detect the sacredness that exists in your presence. This feeling grew and our project grew too, so we saw ourselves one day in the need to offer products with a formal approval, which can be in different places and is a natural option of products for personal care. Today we form a larger team composed of different specialists responsible for the production of our formulas that care for and respect each process.

The vegetable oils that we use in our preparations, in addition to being pure and cold pressed, come from organic and organic crops, this means that from the beginning the process of natural growth of the plant is respected, its seeds were not genetically manipulated, they are chemical and agro-toxic free plants, they grow under the eyes of producers committed to the environment. Likewise, the beeswax we use is organic, free of acaricides, which not only damage our health, but are also the biggest source of contamination of hives.

Today, Al Bosque, is the result of the efforts of many people, friendly producers, fellow travelers, teachers, who accompanied us in our reunion with the beauty and medicine of Nature.

Thank you for the support of all the people who felt identified with what we do, who use our products and recommended them, who gave us beautiful returns that filled us with confidence. The road was difficult and took us to different places, what always remained intact was the genuine joy that gives us to be able to transmit this ancient knowledge. We are nature, to turn towards it, it means to return to ourselves.

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